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Guest Pass Duration Limit

New Contributor II
I would love to see the capability to limit the duration a user can create a Guest Pass for in the new self-service portal.  Currently users can set a Guest Pass to be active for 10 years if they want and I cannot limit that.  Just like there is a Default Guest Pass Lifetime, I would love to see a Maximum Guest Pass Lifetime option.  Any idea if this is a feature Ruckus is looking to have?  Thank you!

New Contributor II
Agreed.  There should be a way to pre-define the guest pass valid field options in the administrator console.  This way the guest pass generator can not give out wifi passwords that last for weeks/months/years.  This is feature that Ruckus should already have in their devices.  I hope they add this soon.

New Contributor

This should be implemented on the Role definition. Today there's a check box for "Allow guest pass generation", this should be extended with options for restricting various guest pass parameters.

By doing it on the role definition, we could have different AD groups with different guest pass limitations.

Like "Guest Pass Manager - Unlimited" and "Guest Pass Manager - Max 7 days"