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How do I update the ZoneDirector 1100 to the latest firmware?

New Contributor II
I'm scared to break the thing. Can anyone please provide me with step by step directions for upgrading the firmware on a ZD11000? Or point me in the right direction for instructions?

Thanks in advance,


New Contributor II
OK, I'm going tpo supplement my post with some more details:

The current firmware build on my ZD is build 110

When I check for updates on the web based ZD user interface I get a link taking me to this page:

Now I need to select which file to download. Which file should I download anbd use for the upgrade?

Valued Contributor II
It's a pretty simple process, but there are a few best-practice steps to follow:

1) There is an upgrade path that's recommended to ensure that the databases update correctly. See the release-notes for the version you are interested in, and it will specify the versions you can upgrade from. If you are running an earlier release, you need to work your way backwards and look a the release-notes for that prior release, etc. We usually have a KB article that details this, but for some reason it's not showing up.

2) This article describes the process and a little best-practice:

3) If you upgrade to 9.5 or higher you'll notice that you can't download the firmware directly, and must first read some special upgrade instructions. These have worked very well to prevent any issues.

As to which release, that depends to a certain degree on what your motivation for upgrading is. 9.4.3 is a rock-solid release and would be the next logical choice. 9.5.3 and 9.6.2 are also excellent. See the What's New articles posted for the releases to see what features were added.

9.7.0 is performing well, but if you use VOIP phones or warehouse scanners there are fixes in the other releases that make them better choices (I's weird that a later version isn't a superset of everything earlier, but that's because we have multiple simultaneous releases)

It does take a scary long time for the upgrade (usually about 20minutes) so make sure an schedule an outage window. And we're here 24x7 if you need help with anything.

New Contributor III
HI Keith,

I was hoping to get some assistance with regards to this topic. I have tried updating our ZD1100 from 9.5 to 9.8 (could not find 9.6 on the support download page) twice and each time the device takes over an hour without any response with the status light flashing red throughout. After which I have to hard reboot the device which restores the previous version. Is there anything I am missing? I have followed the step by step directions on how to upgrade but with no success.

I require an upgrade to integrate our newly purchased t301s AP's so your assistance will be highly appreciated. 


Hi Anthony,

Keith no longer works for Ruckus but I am happy to clear the confusion you have.

First of all, what is the exact 9.5 version that you have on the ZD?

I will suggest to upgrade the ZD to version but before proceeding with upgrade please answer above question.

9.6 is on the support site and below is the link (note that you need open the pdf file to get the download URL)

Rahul Koul