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Give guest's access to internet only

New Contributor III
What is the subnet rule that I need to put in place so that guests only have access to the internet, and nothing else on the WLAN?

Thank you

Valued Contributor II
Have you tried using the "Guest Access" access type in the WLAN configuration? It automatically configures the correct set of subnet rules such that they only have access to the Internet, and are isolated from each other as well.

Hi Jeff,

As John said , Guest access (Type)should isolate the client .

Another option: You can also define L3/4/IP address access control lists and apply them to WLAN l. Set up a L3/4/IP address access control list to allow or deny wireless devices based on their IP addresses.


New Contributor III
Thank you both for your responses.

With Guest Access it does seem to block everything but internet...I must have messed something up on my initial tests.

That said, the behaviour is that it just hangs when the Guest tries to access a restricted IP until eventually giving a Failed to open page.

Is there a way to send me a notification when a guest tries to do this, and perhaps cut off guest access after two attempts to access something other than the internet?

Also, is there a way to send a message to the Guest that they are only permitted Internet access and subsequent attempts will result in them getting locked out?

Thank you

Hi Jeff,

I am afraid there is no option in ZD to get a notification whenever a guest tries to access a specific Ip that is restricted.

For the second question, you can enable "Terms of Use" feature which is under Configure :: Guest Access :: Terms Of use. This can be used as a way of notifying the guest clients that they have access to Internet only. The Terms of Use can be modified as needed.

So whenever the Guest users connect they will see a Terms of Use page in their browser.

I hope this helps.