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DHCP Issue

New Contributor
Hey guys,

I'm currently decommissioning an old 2003 server running DHCP. I've migrated the scopes to a new 2012 R2 server, these include two scopes used by the Ruckus ZD.

The internal scope works fine, users connect to the wifi and receive an IP address (172.16.3.x). When connecting to the external wifi the DHCP server issues an IP address from the correct scope (192.168.1.x) but the IP address is not received by the workstation, it instead uses an APIPA address (169.254.x.x).

IP helper is configured on the switch port, I have re-enabled the old scope of the 2003 server to allow this to run in the meantime. 

Can someone please advise why workstations are unable to pick up the IP address assigned to them by the DHCP?


Valued Contributor
Hi Sam,

As you can access the AP, I would suggest you to do a packet capture and check what happens in that. (discover, offer, request, accept).

Maybe in the event viewer of the DHCP it gives some info ?


Valued Contributor II
Hi Sam

if you are sure that DHCP server on new 2012 R2 server gave out IP from correct scope (192.168.1.x) and not recd by the device then i suspect few things:

First start from here and just to test it out do this 1 AP only

it could be some misconfig on switch side especially to do with port security...

Are there VLAN's in place?
is this happening with certain type of device ONLY?

New Contributor II
Since you're seeing the DHCP assignment on the 2012 server, but the client isn't receiving it, sounds like there's a route missing somewhere.  Firewall rule perhaps?  Do you have full functionality on the client if you assign a static IP on the wireless client?