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Change Zone Director IP Address

New Contributor
I am trying to move our current Zone Director from one local IP subnet to the server subnet. All of the access points have already joined this ZD. What will happen when I change the name and IP address of the ZD? Will it inform the access points of the change or will they lose their connectivity to the ZD?

Thank you!

Hi Jeff,

Yes if you are going to move the Zone Director to a different subnet (Server's) all the APs will loose connectivity to it. However, if all the APs are in the Server's subnet too then they should auto join the Zone Director in no time as long as the wired connectivity is good.

Please keep in mind that if the APs are not in the Server's subnet there has to be Ip route added between the AP's subnet and the Server's subnet and you will need to use some kind of a method to make the APs aware of the Zone Director's Ip address. This has to be done first. Finally, you can SSH into the APs via a SSH client and execute the commands below:

set director ip (x.x.x.x) where x.x.x.x is the Ip address of the Zone Director

I hope this helps!

New Contributor
If I were to simply add a DNS entry for the zonedirector.localdomain.local (substituting the correct values for our domain) would the access points be able to find the new location of the controller and would they loose their configuration (such as their location and name)?


Yes you can use this method too if the APs and Zone Director are going to be in different subnets. Again, for the APs and Zone Director in different subnets there has to be routing enabled between the two subnets in the first place. Also, the APs would only loose their configuration only when they are reset. They should hold their configuration.

New Contributor III
For anyone else that searches this topic, the easiest way to migrate your ZD to a new IP (assuming your AP subnet is routed) is to use the Limited ZD Discovery.
Set your current ZD IP as the Primary and the new ZD IP as the secondary.
Give it a few mins for the changes to replicate to the APs, then change the IP of your ZD to the new IP and wait for the APs to connection.
Once they're all connected, go in and clean up the Limited ZD Discovery. Image_ images_messages_5f91c418135b77e24795e731_97b386d3e82c36cecc799a212e1801d1_lmiitedZD_inline-55dad6e4-6308-46c8-8839-80137cb1ac01-375978091.png1375421540