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Bypass Apple CNA feature

Hello, I would like to know exacly how the 'Bypass Apple CNA feature' works i.e does it simply add the Apple Internet connectivity test URLs to a walled garden list ?
Currently I have a Hotspot service with a walled garden list of Android CNA test URLs to prevent mini / pseudo browsers taking control on Andoid devices.
Does the 'Bypass Apple CNA feature' mean that I do not need to manually add the Apple URL's to this Hotspot walled garden list ?
If so, why does Zonedirector not have an 'Android bypass CNA' feature ?
Thank you.

New Contributor III
I'm also really curious as to what the use case is on the Apple side?  I generally find that letting the device pop-up a window to gain access to a guest SSID is the most user-friendly method as it doesn't steer them into a slew of SSL/TLS errors...

Hello Charles, the purpose is because the mini / pseduo browser that Apple opens when it cannot detect an Internet connection is limited in functionality and will fail if you use a ZoneDirector hotspot that requires redirects etc. Aso they do not support HTML, HTML5, PHP or other embedded video.

My question was not about the use case of Apple CNA bypass, so I still need an answer from someone as to my original question 🙂 Thanks kindly.

Redirects seem to work for us...

Anyhow, I was hoping to understand it so that if you post a feature request, I could hop on as a second. I'm all for adding useful stuff, and it could be something I need in the future (CNA bypass on Android, Windows, whatever).

Hello any response to my original question - perhaps from the Ruckus team ?