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New Contributor II
Hi, Can I know the total number of clients connected daily at the end of the day?
Thanks for your valuable help

RUCKUS Team Member
Can you please share the Ruckus Platform details you are using along with version details?

Hi, I have a ruckus H320 unleashed that I manage on the web with the ip, a don ́t have ruckus cloud

Hi Mauricio,

Unleash allows to see the Clients as well as Traffic Summary for past 12 hours under Access Points Tab.
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However if it for a bigger network than single AP and you are looking for a more precise reporting system, the answer is Unleash UMM.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c485135b77e247accc12_604a18249cb74788da425b78ffecb6c2_RackMultipart20190603430961r4z-51a14d93-be90-4277-8165-d65237d2ccc6-1316954254.png1559555838
For details please refer:


New Contributor III
In Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi, the count is displayed on the dashboard and more details are visible under Analytics for a period of last 24hours (and more).