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SWIPE can't see the staging zone

New Contributor II
Good afternoon,

I am planning to use SWIPE to register APs and place them in the staging zone until I am ready to configure the WLANs but when I login through SWIPE, I am not able to see the staging zone.

I login
The Administration Domain is available so I click Next
No Zones Available.

Any ideas on how to proceed?

Thank you,

Internal Employee
Hi There,

If you are not seeing Staging Zone, then you might be using vSZ-E or SZ100. On vSZ-E by default, an AP zone named Default Zone exists. However, if you are using vSZ-H, the default Zone is Staging Zone. Any AP that registers with the vSZ-E controller that is not assigned a specific zone is automatically assigned to the Default Zone.


Hi Ankush, I am using the High Scale version of SmartZone. As you can see of the image, the Staging Zone is not there and the "Done" button is grayed our so I can not proceed.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c485135b77e247accf19_a8934f86a9c609f7705e895da188c762_RackMultipart2019060347830d714-0f1c8c58-441d-4284-b28b-ecee1444b68a-1565748221.png1559582079Image_ images_messages_5f91c485135b77e247accf19_cad214509c664b23ea5dbc496a184878_RackMultipart20190603547411aod-5b05eabf-67d0-4105-92a2-2ff2f4c3b596-1652123105.png1559582110

Could you please provide the Model of the AP you are using to onboard and version running on the vSZ?

HI, I am using R710s and 310Ts. I had to login the controller and create a new zone. I was never able to see the staging zone. I believe is bypassed when using SWIPE and High Scale.