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SWIPE can't see the staging zone

New Contributor II
Good afternoon,

I am planning to use SWIPE to register APs and place them in the staging zone until I am ready to configure the WLANs but when I login through SWIPE, I am not able to see the staging zone.

I login
The Administration Domain is available so I click Next
No Zones Available.

Any ideas on how to proceed?

Thank you,

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi There,

If you are not seeing Staging Zone, then you might be using vSZ-E or SZ100. On vSZ-E by default, an AP zone named Default Zone exists. However, if you are using vSZ-H, the default Zone is Staging Zone. Any AP that registers with the vSZ-E controller that is not assigned a specific zone is automatically assigned to the Default Zone.


Hi Ankush, I am using the High Scale version of SmartZone. As you can see of the image, the Staging Zone is not there and the "Done" button is grayed our so I can not proceed.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c485135b77e247accf19_a8934f86a9c609f7705e895da188c762_RackMultipart2019060347830d714-0f1c8c58-441d-4284-b28b-ecee1444b68a-1565748221.png1559582079Image_ images_messages_5f91c485135b77e247accf19_cad214509c664b23ea5dbc496a184878_RackMultipart20190603547411aod-5b05eabf-67d0-4105-92a2-2ff2f4c3b596-1652123105.png1559582110

Could you please provide the Model of the AP you are using to onboard and version running on the vSZ?

HI, I am using R710s and 310Ts. I had to login the controller and create a new zone. I was never able to see the staging zone. I believe is bypassed when using SWIPE and High Scale.