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replacing controller managed by one company with our own.

New Contributor II
I am replacing ZD3000 controller managed by one company with our own ZD 3000 to manage our own 24 Ruckus ZF7982 Access Points -. what is the best possible seamless way to do this?

Contributor III
Hi Nat, 

1) Please use the same version of firmware on the new Controller as old one and 
2) restore the backup of old controller and restore the configuration 
   A) select the first option to restore everything and 
3) remove the old one and 
4) connect new controller 

...which would be seamless! 

Abilash PR.

New Contributor II
thank you . interesting, the wi-fi svc company wont give us the back up of the config. how do we do without it?

Contributor III
I assume that you don't have admin credentials for the old controller (if you do, just login,  pull your own backup, and follow Abi's post).  If you don't have admin credentials, and  you don't care about issued guest passes, DPSK, and mesh, and provided that you know enough about the current config (WLANs, ACLs, VLANs, etc), you could config the new controller from scratch.  Assign the same address, swap the boxes, and reboot the APs.  Firmware on the new controller does not necessarily need to be the same as the old one as long as it's a version that supports the 7982.