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New to Ruckus. WLAN configuration help required.

New Contributor
Dear community,

I am tasked to implement a new WiFi setup in our existing LAN. Our LAN computers are getting their IP addresses from the existing windows DHCP server.

1. Create a staff SSID (Standard usage)
2. Create a visitor SSID (Guest access)
3. Each SSID is to use different subnet
Eg: Staff:
4. Using the DHCP server in Zone Director, lease out the IP addresses in the respective subnet.

I am stuck at number 4. There is only one DHCP server setting in ZD1200, how can I configure the DHCP in the ZD1200 to lease out IP addresses for Guest and Staff?

You may refer to my network diagram:
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3ed135b77e2478e8408_fd3a227549945e39a48ee6107d8c332a_RackMultipart2018032812622j6pw-f54a5388-d493-4911-ab4e-4f23e1f3f644-348814555.JPG1522227920
(Click to enlarge)

Valued Contributor II
your requirement is NOT doable just with would need VLAN's to make this happen...if you have following then you can make it happen
1) L3 Managed switch (here you create VLAN and DHCP scopes) with L2 smart/managed switch + ZD1200 & AP's or
2) Firewall (here you create VLAN and DHCP scopes) with L2 smart/managed switch + ZD1200 & AP's

PS: I have not seen your diagram closely + there may be better options to meeting this out there...

New Contributor III
There's a whole set of videos on the ZoneDirector that were made specifically to help beginners to understand the ZD a little better. They're on the Ruckus Education YouTube Channel here:

The ZoneDirector DHCP server is really only intended for use when testing, and shouldn't be put into a production network. It's discussed in the video here:

The best thing to do is map each of your WLANS to a specific VLAN, and for each of those VLANs to have their own DHCP scope defined on your seperate DHCP server. Don't forget to also configure your switch ports as trunk ports with the correct VLAN support.


Valued Contributor II
As Monnat pointed out corectly -- you can't do it,  and you don't need it actually!
1. You really want to use same DHCP server you already have to provide DHCP for both SSIDs. Actually, you provide DHCP services on VLAN, to which SSID is connected, as SSID has nothing to do with IP level at all.
Anyway, if staff SSID connects users to your existing VLAN with DHCP, clients will get IPs from existing DHCP server same way as wired clients.
For your Guest VLAN you need additional  VLAN on switch, additonal DHCP scope on your DHCP server, and DHCP helper set on switch (so DHCP requests from guest  VLAN can reach DHCP server).
In the worst case you can put ZD in guest VLAN and use built in DHCP for guests (it can give IPs only from same segment as ZD IP itself). In this case you even don't need DHCP helper to be configured. Staff VLAN will be than serviced by existing DHCP server. But in reality any switch supporting VLANs supports also required functionality to use DHCP helper and your DHCP server. 
Hope it helps!