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Motorola MC9090 handhelds and 7363 Access Points with Zone Director

New Contributor II
I have 4 motorola handheld guns roaming between 6 overlapping 7363 access points with Zone Director 1100. The guns are running a simple wavelink telnet application. They are sitting on a separate open WLAN with no authenticaion but with an MAC ACL. Intermittently, the guns are having problems re-establishing a link to the access point(bars that indicate signal strength go from full to none, and the handheld indicates that it lost connection with the server), even though they are within the range of them. It doesn't happen often but its annoying enough. It usually takes 10 - 20 seconds to re establish a link. What settings should I check? Thank you!


Valued Contributor
I would save a debug log, and AP logs and open a case at ruckus, but I'd also turn on a packet capture and try and analyze some packets.

I'd say it's a Motorola problem. It usually is.

New Contributor
I am have the same thing going on with the Motorola MC9090 handhelds and have not found a way to get it working. Any help would be nice.

New Contributor III
Do you have ChannelFly enabled? If so the Moto devices don't support the 802.11h pre-emptive channel change notification and so when the AP changes channel the symptoms are that the device will lose wireless connectivity for 20-30 seconds. If this is the cause then either just use background scanning for channel change of static channel plan (of course you should know your RF environment to do this so that you are not placing APs on channels where there is interference!).

Devices like iOS and Android do support .11h and seamlessly follow channel changes when ChannelFly is enabled.

Esteemed Contributor II
If the scanners only support channels 1/6/11, only use Background Scanning.
For intermittent packet drops, try available now under Downloads.