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R300 Ruckus - How do I set the preamble mode

New Contributor
I am trying to figure out how (or more likely where) in the ruckus r300 menu paths I need to go to change or set the preamble mode for our AP's?

Model AP type# Ruckus R300 Multimedia Hotzone Wireless AP
Model# 300

Thank you in advance for you assistance on this matter.

Valued Contributor II
Hello Brandon Teti,

Changing preamble mode is NOT something you will find in the WEB UI of the AP's however give a shot at try by working in the CLI mode.

Use putty as CLI or SSH program and once logged into AP CLI, check in Radio group which you can find by running help command.

Hope this helps.

PS: I don't have access to AP CLI mode at the moment to guide.

Valued Contributor
If you are trying to disable 11 & 11b then use ofdm-only comand in the CLI of your AP.