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How can I see access point neighbors in VSZ

Running VSZ.  Is there no way I can simply see access point neighbors and what other SSID's are being broadcasted by them etc?  Its a pretty basic feature that every vendor offers so I'm surprised if it is not available in VSZ?

Contributor III
Hi Ali,

Please enable Rouge AP detection under AP zone settings and give it few minutes all the Neighbor SSIDs should be visible now, but triaging the location depends if you have floor maps done.

This is help your purpose.

Check user guide in future if you have any queries else contact support they should be able to help you to implement what you intend to do.

Abilash PR

New Contributor III
Ali, not the same version of SmartZone but on VSZ-E it's under Report/Rogue Access Points for Rogues they detect. I do agree it would be nice to have this where we could easily see it per Access Point for Rogues along with Ruckus RF Neighbors. In version it does show Ruckus RF neighbors under select an AP then General/RF Neighbors per AP which is nice. This would be a good place to put the section/table for rogues & respective SSID's broadcasting for quick viewing. I started with 5.x so not sure on 3.5.x.

Thank you yes agreed.  I have the Rogue AP detection enabled but nothing is showing up under there.  Will Ruckus report any and all other SSID's? or will it only report that are plugged into the LAN? 

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We are running with AP firmware If I select an AP and click the general tab and scroll to the bottom I have RF Neighbors with a detect button and also down below that a LLDP Neighbors with a detect button. The RF Neighbors only appears to detect other provisioned Ruckus that are nearby and not Rogues. The LLDP detects the switch that the AP is plugged into if it has LLDP enabled. In order to see Rogues I have to go to Reports and either create a report or view the rogues in unsorted form. LLDP Neighbor detection was not working properly until I upgraded the AP's to the latest firmware. SZ seems like a work in progress but 5.1.x is pretty nice. Here is a screenshot of what this section looks like. If they could add the rogues section under one of these that would be a nice placement instead of having to run a report, etc. I'm new to Ruckus so I could be missing the obvious. 

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