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Estimated Capacity very low on AP R710

New Contributor II
Hiya All 🙂

I have a big problem into a building here, with the WiFi. 

Actually users complain about speed of APs, so what I already did :

- Did a complet site survey with Ekahau Site Survey
- Move/remove a lot of APs for remove Overlapping and get a good strengh of signal
- Remove the 2.4 Ghz, like that users can connect only with 5 Ghz. 

Unfortunetly, the last step was a disaster... users complain more than before. 

Specialy some girls who are on a specific room. When I see the information of the concerned AP, OMM it's not normal at all. 

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3db135b77e2478b23ba_d5fc05c48abbc7d3e4bc361614e5dcbf_RackMultipart20160415610631aw5-df986b3c-e89f-419e-bca8-e821df7e5b3b-1917588897.png1460725362

The estimated Capacity is very low and I dont know what's wrong and how I can solve the problem.

If anyone have an idea ?

Thanks a lot 🙂


Hello all 🙂

Well, this is the result of speedflex on an AP in that building (all results of the building are less or more the same)

Image_ images_messages_5f91c479135b77e247aadc91_6731b6a417d69047b986cb31d52b9d97_RackMultipart2016041798059jj2b-74dfa7b5-67a7-429e-ae1d-a9bd78f5ffa0-144273115.png1460918611

Can someone explain to me what is this kind of test ? It's beetween the ZD to the AP, and then ?

Tomorrow I am going to test all my wired by your test Matt.

Could you also explain the signification of dropping the 5Ghz from 80MHz to 40MHz ?

Thanks again guys for your help,


Contributor III
OK I would suggest you go back to basics on this one. Cut the channel width back to 20MHz from the default 80 and then scan the unii 1 channels for availability and manually assign this channel on this AP and then test again. If the client devices near the AP don't support channel 112 then they won't hear the AP and will connect to another with most likey low quality signal in the area they are based.

Could you also advise what version of software you are running on the controller.

This is the controller version : build 336

What do you mean by "scan the unii 1 channels for availability" ?

Thank you,


Go to the location where the particular AP services and do another passive survey with Ekahau. Check the AP's auidiable in this area and see if any AP in the UNII 1 range (Ch 36-48) can be heard at a level greater than -85dbm. if not then set your AP to which ever of these channels is free in that area.