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[808 Cluster application stopped] on vSZ-E

New Contributor
We are testing vSZ-E version before deploying to customer.
Two errors occured about 3 hours apart.

808 | Cluster application stopped | Critical | Outstanding | Application [NC] on node [TEST-vSZ] stopped.

Is this a known bug in version 5.0 ? I have downloaded the logs, but I can't open a case, since this is only a test deployment without license.


Valued Contributor
Hi Daniel,
This is known and a cosmetic thing, the application actually did not stop.

As soon as you have your license, let us know and we will provide the patch.

Contributor III
We have these same errors, can you provide a patch?

Valued Contributor
If you have this, then please open a case with Support and they can provide it to you.

Kind regards

I did, this was their response:

These messages you are getting because for a system IO intensive scenario on SZ, the check process scripts may not be able to respond in 10 seconds, then led to process checking failed. Solution will be to extend the process check timeout to align with the check alive timeout (10) minutes.

We have a reported issue for this. And the issue will be fixed in 670+.


No mention of a patch to get us by until this new version.