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AC+ not working with older devices - any other kind of secondary protocol I can add?

New Contributor
I'm part of an organization that uses Ruckus for our Wifi services. I do not know any of the exact specifics, because I am not part of the hardware team on our organization.
We are using an AC+ protocol, and some of our older devices do not work correctly with it. We have gotten complaints from users using devices such as iPod Touch 5, and iPad 2.
I am not sure what the problem was with the iPads, but the iPod's built-in mail app will not work, even though those ports should be open, and the mail clients are unblocked.
Is there a secondary protocol we can add for this without taking off our AC+?
If so, what could we add or change?

Contributor III
Good morning. 
Usually, Wi-Fi setting incompatibility is an all or nothing affair. with clients having trouble accessing ANY Wan / Lan resources or even just connecting at all.
My gut tells me to build a one-off SSID without OFDM, AND 802.1d ( country codes ) assigned, and test to see if you're still having issues with your mail. Do you know what platform you're using to control your APs if Any?