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ruckus r610 unable to recognize internet

New Contributor

Help. I an new to Ruckus, and I cannot get the configured r610 AP to connect to the internet. I cannot for the life of me get the AP to be recognized by my AT&T modem and I have run out of ideas.

Internet down: Logging into the admin portal I can see the internet is disconnected. Also when looking in the settings further down I can see the AP shows the logical and physical ethernet 1 port down.

Configured LAN: The LAN I can configure and see and connect devices to. 

Data flow: I notice the switch shows a green light for all the connections where the data flows and I can use the same ethernet cable and connect to the internet using my laptop. the ethernet port 1 on the back of the AP also does not light up to show data (green or yellow)

Wireshark: I ran Wireshark on another port on the switch to see a the AP boots up if any traffic is visible, but nothing I recognized.


R610 - unleashed version

switch Mokerlink 10 port. POE

AT&T modem - Pace 5268AC



Valued Contributor II

You must to test AP port and also test if switch really provides PoE. I looked what Mokerlink is, it seems to be the cheapest possible switches from Alieexpress, so it easy can have not working or invalid PoE. This need to be checked -- connect AP to some other PoE swicth (preferrably something reasonable, not no-name China product)  and check if it powers on.   

When AP is powered by PoE, it takes some time to start it, and port LEDs are illuminated when AP is loaded. Switch should show that it is delivering PoE power before link is up, but it seems that this switch doesn't have LEDs for PoE status indication.

Another thing -- you have to put jumper on the switch to Standard mode,  Extended mode basically means 10 MB/s with non-standard profile, which may not work good with AP.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I sent that AP back and got a new one. This one works perfectly. I think the other one had a duff Ethernet port

Valued Contributor II

Probably you have bad luck. I had just about 10 RMAs only during last 10+ years, from a few thousands sold APs, and most of RMAs were result of last year firmware bug which sometimes bricked APs during firmware upgrade. Never had DOA AP...

I am probablya  lucky guy...