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r310 wi-fi network reset

New Contributor II

Hi to all, i'm new in this forum and product use...

i have inherited a wifi network of 4 ap ruckus r310, unfortunately i cant access to any web interface of none of these....

how i can procede to reset and ricreate a network wireless?

do i need to do factory reset of all the ap? after that can i reach web configuration trough Initial configuration  using the APs default SSID, then browsing to ?



New Contributor III You'll need to use the alternative factory default reset method if you cannot access the GUI. 

You should not reconnect any APs until you are ready to build the unleashed network at which point you should only connect 1 AP and the start the below process. 

Thanks sam

Could i reset one ap to try procedure and the add other ap to build network infrastructure among them?

and the problem is that i don't know which of these is the master....

but i shut off one of them and the network doesn't have problems, i'll begin from this


1. It doesn't matter which is currently master. What is important -- that when you reset this AP, it can't communicate with other APs. Otherwise it will just join same network back  straight away.

2. When you configure the 1st AP, it will become the master for new network, when you'll start other, they will join it (if approved by master).

3. Otherwise -- follow mentioned manuals.

Hope it helps.

Thank yoy very much guys

I follow your instruction, before i had to reset ap and install latest firmware.

Done this i configured first ap as master, with all settings (Multiple SSID, passprhase, ip ) and after that it automatically recognised all the clients, as i connect them to the network.

Last answer by my side is if i can configure untagged vlan on r310.

Thank you angain.