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R310 wifi access issue

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Hi All,

I have a Ruckus R310 with Unleashed firmware. There are a couple of wireless networks configured: WPA2 PSK, hidden SSID, using both 2.4 and 5GHz bands, other settings are at their default values. It works well, but there is one strange issue: once about every week there is just one client (that happens to be my main management laptop) stops getting any data from the network. The laptop is usually ON 24/7 and works great. Then, suddenly, Windows reports 'No internet' for this connection. WiFi is still connected with 'excellent' signal level. When that happens, there's no ping response from any resources - even the R310 itself or any other hosts in my LAN. At the same time, other clients connected to the same AP work just fine - no issues there.


New Contributor


To 'fix' the issue, I have to disable and then re-enable the WiFi interface on my laptop. It will work good after that (for about another week).

My laptop has an Intel AX200 wireless card with the latest Intel drivers installed (Windows 10).

Initially my R310 was flashed with Unleashed firmware I think (but I can't say for sure now) the issue appeared more often back then - every 1-2 days. After upgrading to the issue seem to become more rare.

Does this look like any known issue?

I appreciate any hints and support to resolve it.

I would think this was more an issue with the Intel AX200 card rather than your wifi network. Have you installed generic Intel AX200 drivers or those from your laptop manufacturer.

There are quite a few posts on the Intel forums related to this sort of issue with different wifi hardware.

Thanks a lot for your response! Strangely, I never faced such an issue when I used Mikrotik's wifi gear (and I used it for years). This issue only appeared when I moved on to Ruckus.

I use generic AX200 drivers downloaded from Intel's website.

I got this issue again yesterday. I sniffed the traffic using Wireshark and I think my initial explanation was not exactly correct. I'm not an expert in Wireshark, but some traffic does flow - I see some incoming packets. But I don't see any meaningful data exchange. Not even ICMP PING packets...

This may be some kind of incompatibility between my WiFi card and the R310. My guess is that some counter overflows and 'breaks' the data transfer. Once WiFi is disabled and re-enabled, the counter is being reset and the system works well again...

The fact that the situation seem to have improved after upgrading the R310 from .118 to .121 suggests this may be something known and attempted to be worked around?

I know, Intel's wifi is not 'ideal' and there were quite some issues reported (and some even left w/o a fix) in the past. But then, there's probably no 'ideal' wifi anyway. I'll have a look at Intel forums as well.