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"heartbeats lost" after upgrade to Unleashed

I have a tiny network with 2 R600s in Unleashed mode.  Last night, I upgraded to the latest ( that apparently came out about a week ago. Multiple times after that, I'm seeing "heartbeats lost" messages.

Looking at the switch ports, I'm not losing link - the last up/down of the links was the reboot after the upgrade.

Also weird is that this is a 2 AP setup, and there are reports for both APs. How does an AP lose a heartbeat from itself?

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New Contributor III
The only problem with downgrading the firmware to 200.6 is that the nicer built in captive portal and customization options are gone too.

In my case at least, the heartbeat errors have become much less frequent over time, as I stated above. So I’m staying with 200.7.

New Contributor II
Problem solved.  For me, it was a router problem.  Normally, my infrastructure has reserved IP addresses and specific host name configurations.  As the result of a few router issues, I’ve been swapping some routers around, got lazy and my infrastructure’s been pulling IP addresses from the DHCP pool with no special configuration.  I reserved IP addresses for my two problematic APs and configured their host names as I usually do.  I haven’t had a heartbeat problem since.

I don’t set a preference on which AP serves as the master, primarily for failover purposes.  What I notice in this configuration is that they mask themselves as each other.  For example, if I try to connect to the IP address of the non-master, it will connect me to the master.  Looking at my router, I noticed two things.
  1. About the time the APs would lose their heartbeat, they would also disappear out of the DHCP table.
  2. When the APs were present in the DHCP table (in the pool), they had the same host name.
My theory is that as the two APs try to mask themselves as each other, at least from the router’s perspective, the router got confused.  When the APs would attempt a heartbeat, the packets would occasionally go to the wrong AP and the heartbeat would fail.

So far so good.  I’m still running 200.7.

It would still be really nice if Ruckus would fix this. The current solution of running really outdated firmware is really suboptimal.

It's really easy to reproduce - every site we have with Unleashed was doing this until we rolled back.