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"heartbeats lost" after upgrade to Unleashed

I have a tiny network with 2 R600s in Unleashed mode.  Last night, I upgraded to the latest ( that apparently came out about a week ago. Multiple times after that, I'm seeing "heartbeats lost" messages.

Looking at the switch ports, I'm not losing link - the last up/down of the links was the reboot after the upgrade.

Also weird is that this is a 2 AP setup, and there are reports for both APs. How does an AP lose a heartbeat from itself?

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Having the same issue rebooting all APs every hour. Most are single deployments with a few multiple sites. Just noticed this on one site Jan 14. Logging into multiple APs today and seeing the same in the logs. This has been happening since deployment and does not trigger our monitoring system since it’s just a reboot. Is there a firmware fix for this?

Hello @Chrisj,

Heartbeat failures are indicating some issue between member APs to master AP. This doesn't show any software failure.

I suggest checking the network stability and also review if there is high multicast and broadcast traffic is hitting the APs.

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I'm pretty sure this customer doesn't have a support contract, so I'm just noting there's probably a bug and offering the info up if you want to investigate (and leaving other customers at 200.6).

I have a debug file (Admin -> Diagnostics -> Debug Info -> Save Debug Info).  Not sure what the AP support files are.

We have multiple sites seeing this, even with the latest firmware. One is ready to just swap out Ruckus for another vendor as this event seems to interrupt access.

All sites we upgraded from 200.6 to 200.7 show some variation of this "heartbeat loss" error when they did not previously, so I am not suspecting cabling problems (although we have tested cables at these locations).

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I don't think Ruckus is interested in addressing this problem especially for older AP models. I believe the documentation for the 200.7 firmware states that this will be the last firmware update for some of the older models.

However, on the bright side, it does seem that at least in my case, over time the heartbeat loss error is happening less and less frequently. I checked the logs on my APs and the last heartbeat loss error was on September 1st, and prior to that on July 22nd. This is in contrast to heartbeat loss errors every few hours after I first updated to 200.7.