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new to ruckus unleashed - need some newb help

New Contributor

I have 4 unleashed APs.

1 connected the first one R320 and ran through the setup wizard, set it as the master

I am now trying to add a 2nd AP (R550), but when I power it on, it does not connect to the master. it appears just to do nothing. if i connect to the network it just says "building the unleashed network. it may take a few minutes", but it never progresses past that point


Are the APs connected via a wired network? In order for the 2nd AP to find the master, I think that it has to use the wired connection to do so. Can you double check that the connectivity is on the same physical network?

DHCP is being provided by the firewall. 

When attempting to set up the APs they are wired to the same switch connected to the firewall.

New Contributor II

May or, may not help in this situation.

I had a batch show up, and a few of them shipped with the wrong country code programmed.

the ones that wouldn't connect were just perpetually hung at "building Unleashed Network"

Valued Contributor II

Check the AP in question separately (without master). Reset it to factory settings and if you can't access it than, something is wrong with this AP. If you can access it when reset and alone, check firmware version and country setting, and try to reload different Unleashed version  (newer or older, doesn't really matter). If still doesn't work,  RMA AP.