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new to ruckus unleashed - need some newb help

New Contributor

I have 4 unleashed APs.

1 connected the first one R320 and ran through the setup wizard, set it as the master

I am now trying to add a 2nd AP (R550), but when I power it on, it does not connect to the master. it appears just to do nothing. if i connect to the network it just says "building the unleashed network. it may take a few minutes", but it never progresses past that point


Valued Contributor II

What Unleashed version do you have on master? And what version on R550? Do you have DHCP, DNS and Internet access available? Try to flash both units to same, fresh version.

Master is version:

I don't know what's on the R550 because I can't get it up and connected to anything - or how would i do that?

DCHP is being provided from the router (sonciwall) and provides DNS settings. Internet access is working when connected to the R320.

I upgraded the firmware on both to the latest, but the same issue is there. Not sure what step I'm missing.

Once the master is set, shouldn't any AP you connect and boot up on the network just join the existing setup?

It should work this way. You need working DHCP server on the network for that, and DNS/Internet available make it faster for my experience.