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chromebooks on unleashed

New Contributor

new - frustrated user of an R310 unleashed. I'm trying to get an enterprise connection for chromebook. I thought zero-it would do but see it just downloads windows exec. We are a few users and cloudpath is not viable. We have enterprise chrome lic but the deployemnt of certificates etc is a bit much for us. That's why i thought zero-it was good solution, just didn't realize this was a solution that didn't include chromebooks. Anyway to get this done without having to run radius servers, build onc files etc. 


New Contributor

I see i made a big mistake in selecting both the device and the company - crickets....

i kick myself for not choosing meraki in the first place. 

really how could i have believed a company founded in cable amplifiers and rg6 connectors would be responsive to my needs was a stretch a guess. Thanks for awarding me my big 80 points for the forum participation but i would prefer answers to get on with my business thanks. 

Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Bain,

I regret to inform that Zero-IT feature is not supported by Unleashed for Chromebooks.

Its recommended to always go through the product specification and you can also contact Ruckus partners or sales team before deciding the best product for your network infrastructure needs.

Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI