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Enabling / disabling SSIDs over SSH CLI in unleashed

New Contributor III


We would like to enable/disable a specific SSID during operation. Actually we build a piece of software which logs into the unleashed root ap over SSH at specific times.

The goal is to block some clients at specific times. I know we can also do this with a timetable in the web ui, but then we would have to hand the credentials to the customer.

I didn't find a command in the CLI guide nor when I was logged in to an AP. any ideas?


Valued Contributor

Hi Beni,

I've had a look at this for you, although I'm not tech-support so it is possible I'm not 100% authoratitive! 🙂

I don't believe it's possible to enable/disable WLANs in the CLI, however you may be able to build a script to delete and recreate the WLAN to replicate the same functionality.

I hope the above helps.


Like Darrel said, you may remove WLAN and recreate when needed. 

Service Schedule also works, and config can be done once. But if you put a script to execute CLI script still that script contains a u/p credentials hard coded in that script and visible to them. 

If AP does not have any other SSID disabling radio altogether is also an option.

Welcome to Ruckus Unleashed Network Command Line Interface
ruckus> en
ruckus# config
You have all rights in this mode.
ruckus(config)# ap-group Test
The AP group entry 'Test' has been loaded. To save the AP group, type 'end' or 'exit'.
radio 2.4 wlan-service enable
Enables the wlan service on 2.4GHz radio.
radio 2.4 wlan-service disable
Disables the wlan service on 2.4GHz radio.
radio 5 wlan-service enable
Enables the wlan service on 5GHz radio.
radio 5 wlan-service disable
Disables the wlan service on 5GHz radio.


Valued Contributor II

Disabling client access to WLAN can be easy done using Radius authentication, it will be secure and scalable solution  (Radius server may be used for many clients/systems, and you can program it any way you want, WiFi system just will comply with stored in DB settings). This way Unleashed, intended to be SMB or SOHO solution, can be properly used by MSP.

Personally, don't see any reasonable use-case for such functionality, but there are always some special requirements from some clients.