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Why is my Ruckus Unleashed r510 losing connection (Heartbeat Loss) every 12 hours?

New Contributor
I have a Ruckus Unleashed r510 about 7 months old. For the past several weeks I have been getting disconnected on my desktop PC using Windows 10 about every 12 hours at approximately 10:35 am and 10:35 pm EST. (AP xx.xx.xx. joins 123456 and last disconnected reason [Heartbeat loss].

I'm still getting wifi from my router on other channels and just got a new modem installed by my Internet Service Provider on Friday. What is going on and why at these times? How do I fix it?

New Contributor III
Bump - any update on this?  Seems really bad.

I have 3 R310 on unleashed in my lab. I am also getting heartbeat loss every 24hours,

New Contributor III
Many of these issues have been seen because the DHCP server is either configured with to short of a lease, or worse yet it is returning a different IP address to the Unleashed Master. This will cause loss of connectivity until the cluster is re-established with the new IP address. Request that you get at least a 24 hour lease and that the same IP private IP address be handed back out to the same device that initially requested the lease. You can also do a static assignment and ask that that particular IP address or addresses be excluded from the DHCP lease pool.

I am experiencing this problem and Ruckus support has not been able to find any solution. I have spent months with ruckus with no solution. can you provide me some guidance on how to fix this?

Contributor III
I only started paying attention to my logs recently too.. I've been losing heartbeat connection about twice a day..