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Frequent heart beat losses on unleashed meshed network

New Contributor II
We run several UN networks in mesh mode. Often 1 master with 2-3 meshed AP's. In some of those networks we encounter frequent heartbeat loses on the meshed AP's. Does anyone know if these losses really mean that clients suffer from outages or is it just a problem in the management information between master en mesh?

Esteemed Contributor II
For APs to maintain Mesh, they must see each other at >= 25 RSSI.

You can review the AP's support info, for client details which will show the other AP as a client.

Mesh AP have very low RSSI value to establish a mesh connection to the root AP. The optimum value suggested to have is 30 - 35 RSSI.
### MESH Uplink History ###
BSSID             S LastSeen Ch   AdvUpl  SmpUpl CalcUpl  RSSI/UL/NF   Flt IF UR D Seen Management-MAC    SSID   IP
c0:8a:de:a3:1e:c3 U    77079  11  130.00   12.00   12.00    19/13/-105 u    -  u 1   12 c0:8a:de:23:1e:c0 Mesh-101103000023
c0:8a:de:a3:1e:c3 U    77045  11  130.00   12.00   12.00    19/13/-105 u    -  u 1   48 c0:8a:de:23:1e:c0 Mesh-101103000023
c0:8a:de:a3:1e:c3 U    75446  11  130.00   18.00   18.00    20/14/-105 u    -  u 1   48 c0:8a:de:23:1e:c0 Mesh-101103000023

New Contributor II
We usually look at the mesh-topologie screen within the AP menu and aim for a signal strengt of 25 minimum but preferably higher. In reply above you are suggesting a different method to find out the signal strenght but to be honest, I don't know were to find this information

New Contributor III
Hi Sander,

This information can be found in the support log of an AP.

You can also access this information from the command line.
'get mesh' will display what you're looking for.

Can you please confirm that the signal strength of 25 that you're aiming for is a dBm value?


New Contributor

I have an R710 and 2 R510's running Unleashed. They are wired together with a Linksys POE gigabit switch between them. I am still having heartbeat loss daily and only about 85 mbps speed AP to AP. Any ideas?