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Where can I buy R750? (Authorised Dealer Only Online)

New Contributor III

Hey Everyone,

The R750 I got if from Amazon and flashed it with the Unleashed firmware. I got it up and running but it's having very low performance speeds. I called support and I guess it is gray market or out of warranty or SOL basically from Ruckus cause it's from Amazon??? Not sure why Ruckus doesn't just sell Unleashed on Amazon but they probably don't want to undercut their resellers profits or whatever.

Looking for an Authorized Ruckus Dealer Online to purchase an R750 Unleashed (9U1-R750-US00).

The next AP I would try is the new-ish Cisco 9120 AXI but you have to buy their 3 year license (Sub $200) and then you don't have to renew to get a quality commercial WiFi 6 AP.

I'm in the Peninsula Bay Area and in Florida and I'm looking to outfit one or two in each depending on quality and performance. Both are 3-4K sq. ft homes with wireless cameras, IoT & TV + Devices. 

CDW is the only one I could find so far but it is also from a reseller. I hope they are an authorized Ruckus reseller.


Ah this makes sense, finally! Thank you so much for this clarity.

If I buy R710 online, will I be able to get the latest firmware for free from Ruckus website or do I have to have support to download it?


Yes free, just have to make an account. 

Standalone firmware is available to everybody. Unleashed and controllers requires support.Unleashed support fro network up to 25 AP is 1 licenses for all network. Not that attractive for 1 AP, but very comfortable for 25. p/n as mentioned


Hope it helps

You can download unleashed firmware for free for AP’s supported and you don’t need a license or support.