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Can't ping or telnet to ICX6450-48 that is uplinked through another 6450

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I have a switch(B) that up-links to another switch(A),  I can ping and telnet to switch (A) fine but I can't ping or telnet to (B).  (B) is accessible from (A) but not from outside.  Any help is appreciated.


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You probably miss default gateway or static route setting on switch B to outside world. So switch is available from same subnet, but not over routed network. Compare IP routes on both switches, and you'll see difference. In this case it doesn't matter that B is connected through A, routing must be a problem.

Hope it helps.

Thank you for your reply.  There are no route statements on the switches.  They are up-linked via a trunk port.  Her is how they are connected:

Cisco layer 3 switch--->ruckus ICX(A)--->ruckus ICX(B)

B is only accessible (ping/telnet) while re-moted in to A

If you insist this is the issue, how do I check the settings?  What should the settings be?


As you can remote to switch A, and from it to switch B, it means that L2 communication is OK. So problem is routing most probably.

If you try to connect   from host address located on subnet (default gateway address to to host (switch) on subnet (default gateway address, each host must has configured proper default gateway (or static route) to know how to send a packet outside of it's subnet. Otherwise traffic from host just can't reach anything outside of same subnet. Same applies to reply packets (when host recieved packet from different subnet, to send reply it must know his gateway IP, or it can't send answer).

So most probably your Cisco L3 switch is doing routing, and you are connecting from different VLAN, the first ICX has gateway set and knows route to send reply, but second -- has no gateway, and can't answer. From switch A you can connect to switch B, as they are in the same subnet, and no gateway is used.

You haven't mentioned IPs -- situation would be obvious from addressing, if 3 addresses are from different subnets or all from the same.

To set gateway on ICX switch, you can use this command:

ICX7150(config)# ip default-gateway

using address of router interface IP on that VLAN ( in my example).

For more help, provide IP addressing and describe connection diagram.

If switch A got IP through DHCP, it got also default gateway same way,  but if you set  IP address on switch manually, than you need to set gateway manually.

Hope it helps

Thanks, it's working now.  My switch was indeed missing the default gateway.

However on my switch the command was "ip default-network".  The "default ip-gateway" command doesn't exist.  Why is this?  Older code perhaps?

Thanks for your help.