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SSID goes Off if internet down - Unleashed



If the unleashed master detects that the internet is down,  it disables all SSIDs.  (ive noticed this functionality across all Unleashed FW Versions , and over past several years of unleashed)

(this function being forced ON is unique to ruckus + unleashed only, and not other manufactures in my experience- on ruckus ZD and vSZ line you can disable this.  on standalone FW it does not exist in the first place (good!) ).

Is there anyway to disable this on Unleashed FW?  (even if via cli?)

I dont understand how this is a feature being enabled is helpful,  in fact it causes many problems, such as:

If ISP internet is out, almost always the local DHCP-server is still live (the defGW / main router) , thus devices are still getting IPs and communicate intranet with each other.

as a result of ruk/unleashed turning off SSIDs:

  • Customers/support cant access the main router / default gateway without physically plugging in ethernet (many modern client devices require USB-> ethernet adaptors, if they even support PHY ethernet at all)
  • Customers/support also cant access the actual ruk APs / unleashed master without physically plugging in ethernet.
  • Local users can now not even PRINT, as most modern printers are accessed over the network.  (so even if a user has a LTE or hotspot connection to get the internet, they now have no way at all to access their printer)
  • Sonos / Speaker systems (to play local sources) now dont work.

I simply dont see any rational/upside to this function being forced upon users. 

If Ruckus wants to make it a feature that can enabled/disabled - fine  (actually that would be the best case, as some may have a usecase for this, but most would not want it).

Perhaps i am missing something?   if so, please let me know.

Thank you!


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Stephen,

This is not the design intent. I have confirmed this internally.

Please open a case and report this to support.

Syamantak Omer

RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!

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New Contributor II

Any news on this? I have the exact same behavior and it is incredibly disruptive

Hi there,

As updated before in the thread, this is not expected behavior and same is not observed in our lab testing.

Feel free to open a support case so that support team can check it further.

Syamantak Omer

RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!

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My setup used to do the same when I had Mesh enabled, but has it done so since I rebuilt the unleashed network directly wired with mesh off.

Less likely because I did this later, it might have been that I set static IP for my AP’s from within Unleashed and did not only rely on my dhcp server to hand them fixed IP.