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Vlan tagged unleashed management

New Contributor II
When we go to be able to tag the mgmt vlan on unmeashed? There is a firmware to allow it?

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Victor

As far as I know this feature is not available for Unleashed system.

If I understand correctly AP unleashed AP's must all be on the same IP subnet to connect.  Layer 3 connectivity is not supported

Nor is it advisable to tag AP management.  When factory defaulted the AP's will send management traffic untagged so if you add or factory default an AP you would need to move the AP to an untagged port to apply this change.

If you wish to carry AP management traffic in a VLAN across your network it is best to connect the AP's to a port that has the native/untagged VLAN set for this VLAN, so from the AP point of view they are sending traffic untagged.

I hope this is clear.



New Contributor II
Hi Albert;
Thanks for your reply. I just wanted to tagg the mgmt vlan for terms of security on the network.
I have already configured it like hybrid ports on the switch with the mgmt vlan untagged and the clients vlans tagged.
But how is it if someone just unplugg one Ap and connect one laptop is already on the mgmt vlan wich dont looks great on terms of security.

Really thanks for your reply.

Hi Victor,
   The Unleashed product is designed for SMBs with simple installation on untagged LAN with Def-GW / DHCP in place, unless you choose to setup one Unleashed AP for this purpose.
After the network is installed, there may be some business purpose for your request, so please feel free to open a ticket and ask the TSE to submit your Feature Request to our Product Management.

Thanks Michael.

Will do.