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Disabling Auto-Approve impossible in 200.8 unleashed

New Contributor III
In the good old, early days of Unleashed there was a setting that disabled the feature that any new AP will join my existing Unleashed network. I found this pretty useful for example in our workshop where we do have a very nice infrastructure Unleashed network and simultaneously set up our customers Unleashed networks.
I don't know when this option in the web UI has gone away but in 200.8 it is not there any more. After reading some of the "Unleashed 200.8 Command Line Interface Reference Guide" we found this option to be available in the CLI.
This documentation features an option "ap-auto-approve" in the context "ap-policy".

My problem is that I have not found a way to enter the ap-policy context.

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Can anyone reproduce my problem?


New Contributor II
Unleashed is a modified version of the zone director code.

It looks like they cheated a bit, and did a bunch of copy paste from the ZD CLI guide when making the unleashed one (you can see all the ZD refrences).

my guess would be that the command doesn't exist in the way the CLI guide mentions

New Contributor III
yeah, that is what I thought. I have seen another copy-paste mishap from ZD documentation.
I can understand that this can and does happen, but maybe someone can do us the favor and explain how errors like these get adressed here but not fixed in the next version (see example below).

I would even offer to help clearing up the documentation.