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I have an unleashed network with 25 ap, is possible to add other ap, if I will change master ap with a new r610?

New Contributor
add unleashed ap a saturated network 

Yes, with R610 as the Master you can have up to 128 APs in the Unleashed network as of the latest release, Unleashed release 200.8. 

Note there are some limitations to the 128 AP max: The Master must be in bridge mode (not gateway mode), and must be an 802.11ac wave 2 or later AP (R610 is wave 2). 

Also make sure your old APs are still supported if you're planning to upgrade to 200.8 (200.8 doesn't support the older wave 1 APs any more). 

Contributor III
It's not just the master - the limit also depends on the models of the other APs and whether the master is the gateway.  If any AP is wave 1, the limit is 25.  If all APs to be wave 2 and the master is not in gateway mode, the limit is 50.  If the master is in gateway mode, the limit with all wave 2 APs remains 25.  With 200.8, the limit was increased to 128 APs if the master is not in gateway mode, and 50 if it is.