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Unleashed setup without wifi?

New Contributor III
I am starting to need to setup some Ruckus "Unleashed" units remotely.  I have VPN access into the location where the setup happens, and in the past I was able to simply setup a DHCP server, plug in all the Ruckus units, connect to the web interface and configure away.

It seems like somewhere along the line, the ability to configure from the LAN side went away and the only option to setup is to connect via wifi.  There must be some method I'm missing to connect from the LAN side and continue the setup...  It would be a serious PITA going forward if I had to either go onsite or walk a non-tech user through the setup wizard when I'm already set for remote access...

Esteemed Contributor II
Nope...  Must use the default SSID to setup an Unleashed network the first time, cannot be done remotely.

New Contributor III
Any particular reason why setup is not allowed via the LAN side?  It's totally not convenient for remote setup.

Contributor II
Is there a feature/enhancement request section of the forum? If not maybe one can be created. I had not thought of this problem but I do feel as though LAN setup should be available.

No, not from Forums.  Feature Requests should be discussed with your local Ruckus SE, to submit on your behalf to the Product Line Managers who oversee design decisions.