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Unleashed networks drop clients regularly.

New Contributor

We deploy mainly unleashed networks of between 3-6 APs and have done so successfully for many many years. Recently we're experiencing a number of sites where devices simply drop from the network. It's even happening at our showroom where we have a ZD, so I'm not sure it's primarily an Unleashed issue, but all other reported instances are unleashed. 

Basically what happens is that we'll be working online and suddenly when navigating to a new webpage or conducting a Zoom meeting the connection disappears and when we look at the WiFi, the computers have become disconnected. The SSID is always available to re-join and it's never a problem to get back on, but the fact that this occurrence seems to happen simultaneously to all (most?) connected devices certainly seems to point away from any specific client device. 

Has anyone experienced a similar issue and made any headway on a solution?


Valued Contributor

Hi Matthew,

I've experienced this with 5GHz and ChannelFly enabled.  Once I changed the 5GHz radio config to use Background Scanning, the problem was instantly fixed.

I believe it is to do with ChannelFly being overly agressive in channel changes when either the Master AP has been rebooted or when a new source of interference is present.

Hope that helps,

Darrel, that helps a great deal. And intuitively it makes sense why these events aren't being reflected as disconnects in logging. I'll change to background scanning and see what happens!