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Unleashed network not adding new AP

New Contributor II

We currently have an unleashed network with 3 AP's. Two R500's and 1 R610. It's been awhile since an AP was added and I recall it was really simple, plug and play almost. Now I'm trying to add an R650 AP but the unleashed network does not see it. I scanned the network and the device is getting an IP and I'm able to ping that IP using the ping utility built into the unleashed GUI. After poking around I see that the unleashed network does see the AP but only when I goto Admin & Services -> Administration -> Upgrade. I'm currently running firmware and it says I have an update available for Before performing the upgrade I wanted to check and see if anyone could confirm if I see the AP listed on the upgrade page, is it safe to say that it will also be updated and eventually allow me to add it as another AP? TIA !!!


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @michael_antes 
I see that the Master AP is able to ping the new AP.
Could you please confirm if the new AP firmware is same as the Master's?
If yes, try doing a Factory reset on the new AP and try connecting to the network so that it can talk to the Master.
You can also login to the new AP CLI (SSH) and issue the below command to set the Master's AP manaully.
set director ip x.x.x.x

New Contributor II

R500 is 11ac wave1 AP, it only can support to 200.7 version. But R650 is introduced in Unleashed 200.9. So those 2 AP can not work together.

My suggestion is: you can set R610 as master, then remove R500, and upgrade the network, then join in R650.   Or you only can set 2 Unleashed network in 2 different sub-net.