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Unleashed - factory reset?

New Contributor II
Is there a more thorough factory reset procedure than going to Administer -> Backup and Restore -> Restore to Factory Settings?

I'm asking because after going through the above procedure, my supportinfo log files downloaded after the Factory Restore are still full of info from before the restore (e.g., list of AP Reboot Reason that goes back two years).

Thank you 🙂

That's strange. I hope you held on to that push-pin for ~10 seconds when you did the hard reset. If not, I would strongly recommend doing it. I have reset several APs with hard reset but haven't encountered this issue at all. 

Yes, I held the button for well over 10 seconds, and the system came up as unconfigured (so clearly has reset). I also did [remote_ap_cli  -A  "set factory"] that reported:

Factory defaults will take effect after reboot
---- Command Execution Summary:
         success: 1
         failure: 0
           total: 1

And even [ruckus# set-factory]
Are you sure you want to restore Unleashed(and your network) to the default state[Y/n]

To no avail - the logs I mentioned are still there (and yes, every time I had to go through the initial Unleashed set-up to create everything from scratch).

Back to the original issue - I even swapped the RAP and MAP (set up old MAP as new RAP/Master). The problem with connectivity going bad (as per original post I linked above) is still there, and much more severe than it used to be.

Anyway, I'm down to two last options:

- Downgrade to 200.4.x, and if that fails (which I hope doesn't - it used to work fine!)
- start drilling holes in my house to run the cable to the second AP and ditch the mesh.

New Contributor

I think it’s not a real problem, set factory AP only reset all configuration(backup.bak) file to default value, AP sill keep some information like AP reboot reason, rsm log and so on after set factory reboot.

To verify if  AP set factory success or not,  user can follow below items:

  1. If config-me wlan is up or not

  2. If the CLI login username/password is changed to be super/sp-admin or not

  3. If service wlan are all down and reset to default value or not

New Contributor
does the factory reset delete your unleashed support guarantee ? 

Valued Contributor II
support/warranty is mapped to Serial no of the AP and to the original/first owner..