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r610 unleashed performance

New Contributor III
What is the recommended software for r610 unleashed performance? we are getting 3-400 meg of a 1 G connection. Hardwired devices can get ~850 meg

New Contributor II
Performance is based on your setup/device support and interference.  I always say basically cut theoretical spec in half to get your real-world speeds.
1. Ruckus needs to be on maximum channelization (80 or 160 mhz as I'm not sure what shows up)
2. Device needs to support that Channelization with 3x3 antennas.

I would say that you will never see those speeds with most equipment and that's ok. Unless you are doing some serious file transferring, what need would you have for it at this point in time?

here is the Case# 01003536. the units only qualified for T & M support. I still think there is a solution in later releases but don't want to churn the customer though a ton of releases unnecessarily

Hi Kevin,
    I see, no support, but as you found we give free Unleashed firmware
that you can load, even if you only bought a Solo AP.  You didn't get to
provide details for TAC to investigate, but we have many folks here too.
    So, how many APs do you have, what kind of clients do you have, and
what are you seeing for up/down using what kind of speed test tools?  If
you only have iPhones, group sees UNL 200.6 as best up/down performance.
If you have mostly other devices, latest UNL 200.8 works well. [Note: Your
mileage may vary, physical environment affects Wi-Fi coverage, etc.]
   Oh, and as I read below that you have SZ too, are you testing the same APs
in the same locations using UNL and SZ management?  Do you see any
difference in performance across your clients?  (shouldn't be much if any)
... and how many of which model APs do you have again please?  The "issue"
is thought to only affect R710 model APs.

Contributor III

         What are you downloads when near a r610? Uploads?  What device?  What unleashed firmware are you on?