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Unleashed Transmit Power

New Contributor III


I was looking at options on unleashed on my R500 and saw Transmit power was set to auto. 

But according to the link below it should not be in Auto.

Can someone confirm this is still the case?


New Contributor III

If you ask a software engineer it should be auto.  If you ask a system engineer it should be not set to auto.  Flip the switch and see if you can measure a difference.

I have set it manually now, but I wanted to know if using it in auto "breaks" anything. 

Normally I guess people will go Max, but that isn't the answer.

If the answer is "Auto is OK",  how does it choose the power level, does it look at other AP's and adjust (that's self healing?), or does it look at client connection and adjust.

Is it a constantly dynamic in realtime or change every hour, day etc. 

Because they state 

Note: In general, Ruckus does NOT recommend enabling this feature as it can lead to non-optimal AP power levels. With BeamFlex access points, Ruckus' general guidelines are to run access points at full power to maximize the throughput and SINR levels, thus maximizing data rates and performance.

New Contributor III

Bump, also curious and conflicted. 

I actually have never seen any positive effect from lower transmit power in any vendor APs. Exception may be cases, when there is just really too much APs, which is not usual situation. Even than I never seen it really improving anything.

Typically you have settings to change  power for 8 db max, and this is not really a big difference  when you are far from receive sensitivity threshold.  Changing antenna orientation, you can get 10+ db signal level change. So receiver should handle such small level differences  easy.