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Unleashed AP approval issues with

New Contributor III
With previous firmware versions I could enable/disable automatic approvals.  I just updated to and it seems the approval option is permanently enabled, you are not able to click the option.  Has anyone else noticed this?  It's caused some minor headaches when running multiple APs on the same network that I did not want to be connected together.


Hey Jeff.  I have the same problem and I’m running the same version.  Approval is checked and greyed out and I cannot uncheck it, which I’d like to do.  The UI even says “To enhance wireless security, deactivate this option. This means you must manually “allow” each newly discovered AP.”

Did you ever get this resolved?


This problem still exists with the latest

Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Jeff, Daniel,

     Your first Unleashed AP on a network will have a startup wizard that asks "Would you like to join the Cloud" or
"Would you like to create an Unleashed network."  It is a design *feature* that all subsequent Unleashed APs on
this same LAN/VLAN are intended to be part of the Unleashed network that was created, so up to 24 more APs
will be automatically recognized, upgraded if necessary, and configured with WLANs to start service asap.  You
would need to convince our Product line manager that this is not a good idea...    =:^)

While I understand the reason behind it and I’m certain it leads to fewer support calls, the last thing I need is for someone to put a rogue AP on the network that can automatically join the existing Unleashed network.  While it simplifies things to have this enabled by default, it is a security concern.  If you plan to leave this feature permanently broken, which is a shame, you should probably remove it from the product and documentation at

Hi Michael,

You say it's by design, but why in versions prior to 200.2 could we disable the auto join then? And as Daniel says, why would it ever be visible in the configuration (grayed out or not)?

Before version, we disabled the auto-join, because in some environments it's just ridiculously insecure to allow AP's to join wether they are plugged in by someone working at the company, or a random person with less good intentions...

Like Daniel says, if the feature won't be enabled anymore, remove it from the UI and the documentation. But also expect lots of criticism.