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Unleashed AP approval issues with

New Contributor III
With previous firmware versions I could enable/disable automatic approvals.  I just updated to and it seems the approval option is permanently enabled, you are not able to click the option.  Has anyone else noticed this?  It's caused some minor headaches when running multiple APs on the same network that I did not want to be connected together.

After harassing over this for a couple of days, i ended up managing my two Unleashed networks, by adding the corresponding switchports untagged to different VLANS and different IP subnets and got it done that way.


New Contributor II
Is it possible to remove an "Answered"-tag from a thread, or should I make a new thread for this issue?

Esteemed Contributor II
No, but you can contact Tech Support or your SE and ask for a Field Request (FR) with your business case for PLM to consider.