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Unleased network DNS not green- very upset client and im at a total loose what to do.

New Contributor

Hi Everyone. I have having a hell of a time figuring out why my clients entire unleashed network is so unstable. I have 7 indoor and 1 outdoor WAP. They are all running All of a sudden the DNS is X red and never green anymore. The client states she has wifi all the time, but her 7 thermostats which are tied to a dedicated 2.4 network keeps dropping from her honeywell APP. But inside the GUI of unleashed i see them all connected so im so baffled. Also im afraid to reboot anything as I will taker her entire network down and its a 2 hour drive to her house. If I reboot the master unleashed WAP will the next in line now become the master, and how else can i fix this DNS disaster. I am running the clients cable modem/router with 1 POE switch in line feeding all the WAP.  The master WAP is set to DHCP


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @feldbaum_609184 
Can you login to the AP (Master) CLI and see if you can ping the DNS address?
If not can you try assigning a different or public DNS and see if the DNS issue is resolving?

DNS in RED state meaning the Master is unable to reach it and we need to fix it.
Also, if you reboot the Master, the new AP which has the highest uptime will become Master.

Thanks for the tip. So i went into the master unleashed and pinged and it came back fine. So i restarted the master WAP and maybe a new one will take over. I dont know if this is a ruckus issue or a Honeywell thermostat issue because they are offline all the time now in her app, but the show up in the ruckus portal. 

If i go into network settings and change DHCP to manual and then try another DNS will that cause issues? That is what I am worried about since the cable modem/router is the trash from the cable company. I don't have a real solid router on this project. Then i tried to ping each IP of the thermostats and the all come back as good but the DNS is still red which i assume is preventing the thermostats from hitting the app

Hi @feldbaum_609184 
You can change the IP settings from DHCP to Manual (should retain the same settings) and try a different DNS.
It will not disconnect and should retain the connection. (I have tested this in lab)