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Lost access to ALL my 40 Unleashed client systems

New Contributor III

After adding a new Unleashed system to my account all other 40+ systems previously added disapped.

This is detrimental to my business.

I need to recover ASAP.

Thank you,






RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @moshek_kirsh 

Could you please confirm the AP models and firmware version on the unleashed ?

Which AP model you have added in the unleashed system ?

Are you able to login into the unleashed controller WebUI ? Is there any APs showing in the access point tab on the unleashed controller ?



The most recent system/site I added (after which I lost access to my other systems) had 5x R650 using the latest firmware ( I know we used combinations of R320, R310, R510, R610, R710, and R650. Since I lost access to the other 40+ systems I can't get the exact firmware versions. They were from 200.11 and up.

I have access to one system locally and can access the local WebGUI. Under Admin & Services -> Adminstration -> Remote Management -> Remote User Control, I still see that my unleashed account is "allowed" and when I last logged in. (see photo)Local WebGUI - Account shows as "allowed"Local WebGUI - Account shows as "allowed"

I have access to the APs in the access point tab only on the system/site/network I most recently added. I get an error message I do not remember seeing before adding this system. (see photo)Unknown MessageUnknown Message