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T610 stuck in recover-me SSID Un-leashed

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T610 running 

Had it up and running for one day with a R610 and then stopped working. 

Was unable to console or see the SSID broadcasting and not able to find the IP on the network.

I did a Hard-Rest and now I am seeing a recover-me SSID 

It's asks for password and the SN does not work to get into it as seen in other blog posts recover me guide steps ?

I also tried the MAC 

What are my other options and how to resolve this issue and get it back up n running. 

powering the T610 with a Ruckus POE injector 15.4 af version 

Can I connect direct to my laptop with an ethernet cable or do I have to use a switch if I dont have a cross over cable? 


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Mark,

Symptoms showing that AP is unable to reach gateway and due to that it is showing SSID.

You can connect to the SSID using AP serial number password.

If you have POE injector, yes you can connect directly using a laptop and should be able to access APs default IP address.

However, that will not fix your issue. Findout why AP is not getting IP address or not able reach gateway.

Syamantak Omer

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