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R720 intermittent signal after upgrade

New Contributor II

I have an R720 which was running on without any kind of issues. After I upgrade to the signal is very intermittent, at the point I rolled back to Do any of you are having this issue? Any actual solution for this situation? 


New Contributor III

@hector_marrero# did you check LED status after upgrade the radios LED status 2.4 and 5 Ghz ?  after you downgrade the version now you are able to get better signal?

Hello @sebastiao_paulo ! After the upgrade, I can see both of the radios and the LED are on. I can connect but the signal is very intermittent. After the rollback, I don't have that issue anymore. The issue is not signal, is intermittent connectivity. When I'm in the dashboard I can see the AP is disconnecting from the Internet. I have the AP connected to an ICX 7150-C12P using an external PoE.