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Switch recomendation for WiFi Hotspot network with 10 ap T300

New Contributor
Hi ,

Our company have just start to implement the Ruckus products in our projects .

For our first project of WiFi HOTSPOT,we have install in it outdoor on the street. The purpose of the network is to give free WiFi to the clients.They will use it only with the Smartphones and tablets  (for internet ,email, social networks ,etc) with small traffic. We estimate to have between 500 and a maxim of 1500 users.

10 - AP Ruckus T300 Unleashed
1 Virtual controller
Internet speed 1000Mbps

Switch with RJ45 connection or SFP

I got stuck in what switch should I use (switch with RJ45 connection or SFP
),to have a very good traffic. Please if you can give me some advice that will be great.

Thank you in advance !