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New Unleashed User - Getting Frustrated

New Contributor
We have been Ruckus users now for a while (years) and have at least six different plants set up with full Zone Director networks with great success. Just implemented a small unleashed network with no good results. Any help is appreciated.

So, we have a warehouse that only needs two APs. Rather then go the full-blows Zone Director controller route, we thought we would try the unleashed controllerless product. Purchased two R500 Unleashed APs.

Went through set up and created the network and the master. Seemed like it went well. Added the second AP in - again, seemed like it went well. The second joined into the master as a member AP. I guess I kind of thought that this would become a secondary master....

Well, I can't seem to update the firmware to the latest 200.3 release. Tied both from the network and from the "local" after downloading the firmware. No joy either way... comes back and stated time out after counting all the way to 100%

Also, I have these issues / problems.....

- Trying to figure out why the master power LED is flashing (can't find that status anywhere in the doc)?
- Can't upgrade firmware as stated above (thinking that firmware might fix some things).
- Why doesn't the second show up as secondary master?
- Connection passing does not seem to work.... meaning.... I have two devices on the network, both connected to AP2 (non-master, only a member). Unplug AP2 to simulate an outage.... both connections jump to AP1 (Master) which is great..... then I bring the AP2 back online simulating like it was fixed, make sure that both are showing up in the admin screens, and then simulate an outage on the AP1 (master) and both clients drop and do not go over to AP2.

The set up is so simple that I am shocked to have these issues. Any thoughts for thus unleashed new user?

Thanks -

Contributor II
 Hi Tom,

If you have Master AP already installed then the upgrade is one of the easiest thing to do in Unleashed. After you logged in as ‘admin’ go to ‘Admin & Services - > Administer -> Upgrade’. On the right hand side you will see ‘Current firmware version’. If it is already running then the Master AP is already running the latest image and no need to do any upgrade. If it is running some other version then all you have to do is to select 200.3 (default) and click ‘Upgrade’ button. This will operation will upgrade both the Master and Member APs automatically. 

If Unleashed AP’s ‘Power LED’ (regardless of whether it is Master or Member) is flashing then it means that the AP did not receive any routeable IP – likely a DHCP or network issue. 

In Unleashed 200.2 the resiliency of Unleashed has gotten a lot stronger. In other words, every Ethernet connected AP in Unleashed network is a potential ‘Standby’. If Master were to go down then one of the Ethernet connected APs will become new Master. This phenomenon will continue till the last AP with Ethernet connection stays alive. So, it is more dynamic resiliency and no need of any user intervention. An Unleashed network could have up to 25 Ethernet attached APs, out of which 24 are Standby-Masters and it would look very awkward in the UI if every AP shows as 'Standby-Master'. Hence, it is not displaying ‘Standby-Master’. But now you know the behavior. 

When you unplugged the AP1 (Master) did AP2 become a new Master? If so, the clients should be connecting to the new Master. If this isn’t happening then open a Support case to troubleshoot the issue.



New Contributor
Thank you, Nat - I do appreciate your input.... I think I found out what was going on, and, it appears to be the perfect storm in terms of timing. This was our first time working with the unleashed product, so, we were not sure what was normal and what was not, and, with new firmware and such out there, what would work and what would not. I decided to wipe both APs back to factory and this time brought up the second one as master rather than the first one. The setup went very smooth and as a part of the installation I did the firmware upgrade and it went well with no issues. Got the network set up and all working with just the master. Plugged in the other AP, the one which WAS the master previously, which then joined into the wireless network and as expected, started a firmware upgrade from the new master. Thought all was well, but, that AP never came all the way up. Just was in a "upgrading firmware" loop - then would disconnect, then would upgrade firmware, then would disconnect, then would upgrade firmware..... you get the picture. So, I think that all of my issues had to do with the fact that this was the first time working with unleashed, and, to boot, we had a faulty AP which we were attempting to use as the master of our first unleashed network. Now that the second AP has been configured as master, all the LEDs appear to be working properly and the management is very smooth. I am working with Ruckus to get an RMA on the supposed faulty unit.

Thanks again for your input.....


Contributor II
I am glad to hear that things are under control. I will follow up with offline to get your feedback as you are one of the newest users of Unleashed.