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Still no updates about an Unleashed image release for the R730 AP ? ..

New Contributor II
Can anyone shed some light on this? I was under the impression that the latest Unleashed image would've included support for R730 - unfortunately, that's not the case.

Esteemed Contributor II
I checked with Product Management, who say it's no support for R730 in Unleashed, but there's going to be R750 support in Unleashed 200.8 GA due later this year.

R750 Data Sheet:

Valued Contributor II
Michael, is this decision a reflection of the R730 being intended for higher end (non small/medium business) use cases, or a reflection of the R750 being preferred over the R730 as the latest and greatest .11ax AP in the lineup?

I'm okay with looking at ZD or SZ to run the R730 but don't want to prematurely invest if the product is going to be superseded by the R750.

(I remember for 11ac, the R700 was the first to market but it was a ZF7982 antenna design with a 11ac chipset. Months later when the R600 came out, my R600's outperformed my R700's for all intents and purposes)

New Contributor II
Outstanding! Many thanks for your prompt response!

New Contributor II
If I understand you correctly, can I expect R730 support later this year? You edited your response..