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Ruckus ID won’t connect to wifi and does not show up either after power outage.

New Contributor

I have tried resetting the ruckus by unplugging and restarting, but it still won’t show up in the network ID options to select from. How do I get this device to work again? All the lights are green on it but it’s not connected??


New Contributor

Did you find an answer this product sucks same issue. No one to talk too to fix

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Jon 
I believe you tried doing the reset by pressing the rest button for 10 seconds.
Once done, the AP will broadcast the new SSID "" SSID.
If you see it, then you can connect to the AP and configure using the below method:

From Mobile or Laptop:
1. Connect to the SSID "" SSID.
2. Open the Browser and type Or use default AP's IP
3. Then you can proceed to configure the setup.

If you are not seeing the SSID
1. Connect the Laptop to the switch where the AP is connected.
2. Make sure the Laptop IP subnet is on the AP subnet range (Example
3. Make sure you can ping the AP's IP
4. Open the browser use Or use default AP's IP to connect to the AP.

Let me know if this works.