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Sonos and R550 unleashed

New Contributor III

I have recently replaced my R510 with an R550, I did connect the new R550 so the config could be transferred before I disconnected the R510.

Now my Sonos-Players need a couple of hours until all of them can be seen in the apps. Restarting Sonos players does not help. On some devices they are faster, on some slower. When the Sonos devices are unavailable in the app, i can see the IPs of some devices as "connected" in the unleashed system. If I restart a Sonos which is not connected it does not connected, it  does not connect after ther restart either. If the sonos are finally connected, after every restart of the AP the problem is back. 

If I reset the R510 and bring it back online, then switch the R550 off, everything works smooth. 

I am aware what Ruckus recommends

However this setting doesn't seem to be necessary in my case on the R510 and does not fix the problem on the R550


Hi Beni,

Directed-multicast directed-threshold config look fine.

"I am thinking about a remote wireshark radio capture of this SSID but I don't really know what to look for."

For the service discovery, Sonos must me using mDNS protocol. Take a capture on source and destination devices including the AP and see if traffic is showing on both sides.

Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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Hi syamantak_omer, 

I figured out that I have the same issue (client is displayed as connected but unreachable after ap reboot) with my printer. It is easier to solve this problem first and then have a look at the multicast-issue with the sonos. I also figured out how to capture in the air with my WlanPi and Wireshark.

Which information could I share with you so you could have a look at? In the attachment you can see the output from Troubleshooting. The troubleshooting itself does not repair the connection

Image_ images_messages_5fbd92d82bd82446a3a6922b_103a461fda4ffc5f887fa88cb869af0a_3-ce4e76f0-411c-45e7-9086-0312812e37c4-48549326.PNG

Hi Beni,

Unleashed troubleshooting utility will help you to find at what point client is failing but it can't fix it.

You have to check the OTA packet captures and look for more details in 4-way handshake message-1.

Try to connect this device to an open SSID and check if it connects or not.

If this is a general issue, all the devices should face this issue, but I think only specific device has the problem in your case.

If you are not sure what to look for, you can always open a support case and they will check the issue.

Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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What works absolutely perfectly...

Get a Sonos Boost and connect that to your router or switch. Connect all your Sonos to that boost over wireless mesh.

I change access points all the time and using this configuration... I never have problems with loops or encryption/phy.